Tuesday, March 30, 2010

FBO's, VBO's & Design Books

The engine is taking shape. I can now upload meshes to the graphics card, and I have a working flow for rendering to half-float framebuffers. I don't have to grab the screen buffer anymore, but I can directly render into a texture and write that texture to disk. I changed the motion blur routine to also do antialiasing.

I need a clearer vision of what I'm going to do, so I ordered about €100 worth of ancient culture design books: aztec, mexican, mayan, maori, aborigine, celtic, hindu, ... I hope they give me inspiration for patterns and animations in the movie.

I currently have no clear plan where to take the meshes from. I'll play around with the GL extrusion library (GLE) a bit, and see if I can dump the data to disk. Perhaps I also have to work with Blender, and do a Collada importer. We will see.

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