Wednesday, March 24, 2010

First Steps

I started setting up a loose framework yesterday evening to make sure I got the technical side correct.

The rendering is done within a very small Python script, which sets up an OpenGL context within a GTK window, creates a GStreamer player pipeline, and uses the streamer's position feedback to synchronize the visuals. The track is exactly 147 BPM all through the end, and the timing was perfect from the start. I'm glad I don't have to fix anything here.

There was a slight disappointment when seeking within the track caused the position feedback to become unreliable, but I found that adding gst.SEEK_FLAG_ACCURATE to the seek call fixes these problems instantly - seek-friendly, sample-perfect, nanosecond-precise synchronization within an MP3 stream? I am impressed.

I went through the track and marked the time (in beats) of various segments that I can imagine being separate scenes.

I have very rough ideas about what to show in my head, but these need to be put into order, and be made part of a larger whole. I need a script. I'm thinking about using Celtx to write the index cards.

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