Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Production has started.

Since the old site has been quite dead recently, I decided to revive the label as a name for a short film production site. I will use this blog to report on ongoing projects.

Since a while, I am crazy about doing a music video for Kashyyyk - Teonanacatl, a speedy full-on psytrance track that I fell in love with instantly. I suspect that the wonderful aesthetic of this track escapes the grasp of most people, and thus I want to produce something visual that fits the mood.

Plus, I want to connect to creative movie makers all over the world, and let them know that I'm here, ready to do new projects.

So far, the plan is to write a procedural renderer using Python and OpenGL, that means: code everything that can be seen in the video, and render the result into a video that I'll put online on YouTube. I have opened a repository in an undisclosed location, and will do a few visual tests to see if the workflow makes sense.

Ah yes: the movie will be produced using free software only. Just so I can feel like a hero.

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