Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Books & Storyboard

Most of the design books arrived today. They are entirely beautiful, and I'm sure they will help me designing the characters and enriching the visuals.

I also bought 2 packs of 100 DIN A5 sheets for storyboard drawing, a few pens, and another Moleskine sketch book - you can't have enough of those. I started doodling a bit and found out that the first idea for the main character needs some work.

I spent a bit of time on Wikipedia researching the spiritual warrior and reading up on the monomyth again. I have that Joseph Campbell book in the cupboard. I guess it's time to check it out once more. Studying this will help me find the optimal shape for the main character.

The beginning of the screenplay needs a bit of fleshing out. I omitted quite a few character details, and there's not enough action.

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  1. Correction: you can't have too few of those. Even if you don't own no Moleskine sketch book at all, that's still too many. But that's just my opinion.