Sunday, April 11, 2010

First Storyboard Work & Animatics

Today I finally managed to sketch the first four segments of 19. So far, each segment got about eight to ten images. My drawing style is terrible, but it's good enough to give someone else a rough idea of shot angle, setting and movement.

Before I did each sequence, I changed the script so that each sentence would more closely reflect what is seen on the images. Especially the beginning is full of very vague descriptions such as: "The light warrior manifests". Now I know how he actually manages to manifest.

I wanted to see how easy it was to make an animatic. I took the first sequence and shot each image using a Canon IXUS on a tripod, because that's much faster than scanning them. Besides my scanner doesn't work with Linux and has to be used using Win32 in a virtual machine, which sucks.

I imported the images into the Blender video editor and assembled an animatic of about half a minute. Blenders controls are terrible, but I will get used to this. I'll just pretend this is my only option.

If I can continue at a pace like this, I'll have the rough storyboard done in about one to two weeks. From then on it's actual character, environment and set design.

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